What to take with you for vacation on the island

What to take with you for vacation on the island

An island holiday is a separate kind of pleasure. The islands are so beautiful that they don’t need any filters or retouching. Island landscapes, bright colors and boundless beaches are the perfect option to relax, be inspired and reset your head. And it is almost impossible to remain dissatisfied with such a view, only if you are not a fan of metropolises and concrete.

Many tour operators offer tours and trips to the islands, but as a rule, everything is already included in them and the traveler needs to take a minimum of everything with him. Except personal things and a first aid kit. If you forget something, you can buy it on the spot. But here also comes the question of price. Islands are almost never cheap, it’s a rarity. Therefore, it will be much more practical to take with you.

The most necessary things that will come in handy on the island

This rule, of course, does not apply to food or any heavy things. Especially if you have a seaplane transfer planned. Such transport has a very limited load capacity. And the size and weight limits of tourists’ luggage are clearly regulated. For example, suitcases weighing more than 30 kg are not taken on board. Learn about the requirements of local carriers and transport companies and shape your luggage accordingly.

If you go to tropical islands outside the tourist season, then be prepared for unusual weather. Very often, with the end of the season, the prices for recreation and accommodation are significantly reduced, but at such times the islands can be covered by showers or cyclones. So take this into account, especially if you are planning a long vacation.

We will not remind you how important it is not to forget your tickets, passports, money and take out travel insurance, but let’s go through the list of what you will need on the islands.

Equipment for scuba diving or snorkeling

Masks, tubes, fins are quite bulky items. And few people want to occupy such limited space in their suitcase. And often at the hotel you can rent equipment. But, firstly, it is more hygienic to use your tube and mask, and secondly, the hotel rent is paid. And for each item you can pay about 8-10 dollars per day. And in total, it will be significant additional costs.

Creams and repellents
Do not underestimate the different climate. Heat, tropical insects and the hot sun have a negative effect on the skin and the body as a whole. Therefore, you should take care to protect yourself from such factors and not let them spoil your vacation.


When vacationing on the islands, of course, you should prefer light natural fabrics in which you will be as comfortable as possible in a hot climate. But many island resorts, the Maldives, for example, belong to Muslim countries. And even hotels may have certain restrictions. Some may prohibit, for example, appearing in shorts or swimsuits in dining areas. Find out about the dress code in advance.


It would seem that there can be something unusual here, everyone takes a swimsuit for a vacation at the sea. But, if you have active sports, diving or surfing in your plans, you need to take not only a bikini or separate swimsuit, but also more comfortable clothes for activities. And don’t forget a special suit or lycra for surfing, so you don’t get burned.


Gadgets should be taken out as a separate item. Because many tourists go to the islands to get away from modern life, technology and cities, but the local landscapes are impressive and you want to capture them. Therefore, a camera, a camera with the necessary lenses and batteries will be needed during the trip. Also, do not forget about adapters, headphones and portable batteries, so that you are not left without communication at the most inopportune moment.

If you have a quadcopter, check with your hotel and the government of the country you are going to for aerial photography regulations. Many tourist spots and hotels prohibit the use of drones in order not to violate other people’s privacy. Some countries can even confiscate quadcopters from travelers at the border. Large fines are usually prescribed as punishment, but arrests of violators are also common.

What to take to the islands for children

What to take with you on vacation with children? In addition to personal items and hygiene items, you should think about baby food in advance or find exactly where the brands or analogues you need are sold on the islands. And the same with diapers. According to tourists, diapers at hotels are very expensive and difficult to find. Therefore, it is better to allocate space for them in the luggage in advance.

Also, anticipate possible illnesses of the child at the resort, and include the necessary risks in the insurance. Even if you are going on holiday on a tour ticket, it is better to check all policy options, coverage amounts and deductibles yourself to avoid unpleasant situations.

Don’t forget about toys and entertainment for kids. Take small books or travel versions of games with you to keep your child busy while on the road.

Have a safe vacation

Any vacation should be well thought out and safe. Including islands. Although the island’s beaches and hotels look immaculate, there are still dangers in any trip. Including here.

Unusual food, climate change, exotic fruits, hot weather and various stressful situations can affect health. And here, in a calm state on the islands or in distant countries, we can face the fact that it is very difficult to get to a doctor or their services are expensive. It is to avoid such situations that we insist that everyone needs good insurance.

Travel insurance for the whole family

It is important to take out travel insurance for each family member. Insurance is always calculated individually. The price of the policy is influenced by the age of the traveler, the country of destination, the duration of the trip and what risks and amounts of coverage the person wants to add to the policy.

Depending on who has what vacation plans, all family members can take out different insurances. Maybe someone wants to spend the whole vacation on water skiing or scuba diving, and someone just dreams of enjoying the beach vacation and sunbathing as much as possible every day.