Not only beaches: extreme excursions in Turkey

Not only beaches: extreme excursions in Turkey

What attracts Turkey? Do you think it’s only snow-white beaches and a special color? In fact, this country is one of the best places for active entertainment. Extreme vacation in Turkey is becoming more and more popular, because many tourists want not just to bask in the sun, but to try something new and feel a rush of adrenaline. And this is possible at these resorts.

The best extreme tours

For a long time, the pace of life in the world has become much faster, and travelers want to stay active even when they are on vacation. Extreme in Turkey is not only water skiing and canoeing. These are also various excursions. Let’s consider which of them are the most exciting.

Paragliding in Turkey

Paragliding. Flight on a steam plane at an altitude of 60-70 meters. Exciting? And if you also have wonderful views? Starting your flight from the mountain, you will see the beaches of Fethiye and Oludeniz from a bird’s eye view, and you will feel a lot of vivid emotions.
Water park “Troy”. It is stylized after ancient Troy and even has its own Trojan horse. All huge slides are connected in one water complex, which resembles an ancient city. But the huge pool with artificial waves is especially interesting.
Diving. Visit Sara Mehmet Cape or another place in Turkey where you can swim underwater and watch the fish life. Such excursions are conducted under the supervision of an experienced diver, so they are safe. Training is provided for beginners.

Rafting in Turkey

Rafting. You will go on an excursion on an inflatable boat on the mountain river Keprülü. First you will move up, and then go down, overcoming obstacles and rapids. Adrenaline, vivid emotions are guaranteed to you. This is the most unforgettable adventure.
Balloon. Excursions over Cappadocia are held at any time of the year. The hot air balloon ride can be group or individual, as you wish. The duration is about an hour, and the time of entertainment dates back to the early morning.
Windsurfing. In Marmaris, you can ride and jump on the waves, experiencing vivid sensations. Tourists are offered several interesting destinations that they can choose for themselves. Even beginners can try this entertainment.

How to order an extreme excursion?

Such entertainment is available to every tourist during his vacation. But if you want to plan every day of the tour, try to book tours in advance. You can buy an all-inclusive tour to Turkey in a travel agency and also choose with the managers the extreme entertainment options that suit you best. Plan your vacation and get bright emotions from it!

Package tour or independent trip

For a long time, Turkey was associated exclusively with an all-inclusive vacation, which was more profitable to buy from travel companies. However, not everyone likes such a vacation option. However, in recent years, budget airlines have begun to actively fly from Ukraine to Turkey, and therefore it has become much easier and cheaper to organize a trip on your own.

For a long time, Turkey was associated only with beach holidays / photo Maryna Grigorenko
For a long time, Turkey was associated only with beach holidays / photo Maryna Grigorenko
Conditions of entry to Turkey
Citizens of Ukraine may enter the territory of Turkey without a visa for a period of stay of up to 90 days, provided that the total period of stay in the territory of the country does not exceed 90 days within six months from the date of first entry.

Quarantine restrictions in Turkey

At the moment, travelers from Ukraine can visit Turkey, including for tourist purposes. At the same time, even during the period of the strictest quarantine restrictions in the country, they do not apply to foreign tourists. The only inconveniences are that some establishments may be closed during the lockdown period, and the operation of public transport may also be limited. On the other hand, the streets of Turkey are finally empty!

When crossing the border of Turkey, one of the following documents must be presented:

  • a document on vaccination against COVID-19, completed no earlier than 14 days before arrival in the country, in paper or electronic form in English and necessarily with a QR code. Turkey recognizes all vaccines approved by the WHO, as well as those used in Ukraine at the national level
  • a document confirming that the traveler has contracted COVID-19 within the last six months
  • negative PCR test for coronavirus, made no later than 72 hours before arrival, in English
  • express test for the determination of the SARS-CoV-2 antigen, made no later than 48 hours before arrival, in English

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from these conditions.

In addition, to enter the Republic of Turkey, it is mandatory to fill out an electronic form on the website of the Ministry of Health of Turkey 72 hours before arrival in the country. Passengers without a completed form will not be allowed on the flight, as a HES code will be automatically generated based on it, which is required for visiting some public places in Turkey.