Interesting excursions in Barcelona

Interesting excursions in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia receives at least twenty million tourists every year, and many of them come to Barcelona not for the first time. We suggest considering two excursion programs that can be completed in this Spanish city.

Excursion through the Orta Labyrinth city park

There are many interesting places in Barcelona, ​​there is wonderful nature, a lot of unique historical buildings and objects, monuments and squares. Of course, you can get to know Barcelona on your own, choosing the places that interest you, but in order to see all the sights in an organized way, it is better to use special excursion programs.

In general, it must be said that the Spanish Barcelona is a well-developed city in terms of tourist infrastructure. In particular, guests of the city can choose a place to stay from many hotel establishments, it can be an inexpensive hostel or a chic hotel gran melia fenix. And many excursion programs are organized in the hotels themselves.
For example, one of these programs involves a tour of the ancient city park “Labyrinth of Horta”, named so because the park actually houses several different labyrinths. It was created in 1791, and there was then a garden with cypress labyrinths.
The main part of the park is a labyrinth that occupies a huge area, made of cypress trees (the height of the trees is 2.5 meters). At the entrance, visitors are greeted by two marble statues, the park itself is divided into two sectors – one dedicated to a romantic garden; the second sector – for neoclassical gardens. This place is great for relaxation and entertainment, which is only worth going through complex labyrinths!

Excursions to the places that Pablo Picasso loved

If you come to the city for a beach holiday, then it is better to stay in comfortable rooms offered by beach hotels in Barcelona. If your goal is an excursion vacation, you can stay in hotels located closer to the city center.
In particular, a tour of places where the famous artist Picasso, who came to Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth century, often visited, is of great interest to tourists. The great artist loved this city very much, and created many of his masterpieces here. His formation as a master painter took place in Barcelona, ​​and the first exhibition of his works was organized there.
During the excursion, tourists pass through the iconic places for the artist, including visiting a local restaurant where Picasso liked to dine; in his first house, as well as a working studio. The excursion ends in the master’s museum, where most of his works are exhibited.

Economy class hotels: advantages and disadvantages

When it’s time for vacations and trips, the question of choosing a hotel comes to the fore. Economy class hotels are suitable for those people who choose the ratio of affordable prices and quality service.

What are economy class hotels?

First of all, economy class hotels are quite popular among people with low income. So, upon arrival in Moscow, it is most expedient to start searching for “economy class Moscow hotel” ads. Living in such establishments does not mean tolerating low-quality service at all. Economy class hotels provide their guests with all necessary services. When booking a room of the first category, the so-called “Suite”, the client receives a landline telephone, TV, refrigerator, kettle, bed and hair dryer for personal use. Rooms of the second category usually have the following set: bed, telephone, TV and private bathroom. The third category is “Economy”, it is distinguished by the absence of a phone number. Of course, such hotels do not shine with the luxury of branded sanitary ware and furniture. However, the convenience and comfortable stay of the guests can be ensured.

Economy class is a promising direction of hotel business development

The statistical picture of the hotel business indicates that economy class establishments are currently in the leading position in this market. Due to the great popularity of this category, mini hotels in Krasnodar are most often focused on the economy class. A similar situation is observed in all cities of the country. The demand for such services is constantly growing. Therefore, investors invest more often in the construction of economy-class hotels than in five-star hotels. This is due to the fact that they are aimed at people with an average income level, therefore, the services of such institutions are available to the undisputed majority of possible customers. This is the reason for the great demand, because the formation of the hotel infrastructure is primarily aimed at the interests of the potential consumer. According to statistics, inexpensive Samara hotels (economy class) are 30% more popular than all others. If we touch on the problematic side of the development of the hotel business, it is connected with the lack of qualified personnel. To date, there are practically no educational institutions of such specialization. Therefore, hotel owners organize special courses for their staff. This allows you to significantly increase the level of service and bring it as close as possible to European standards.