Trip to Madrid and Pattaya

Trip to Madrid and Pattaya

Spain – a unique and fabulously beautiful country – is rightfully proud of its capital and the largest city of millionaires, Madrid. The most beautiful architecture and centuries-old glorious history of this city leave an unforgettable impression on everyone who has visited here. People of different nationalities and religions find a common language in Madrid.

Knowing at least that the city was founded by the Arabs and literally translates to “a source of full waters”, every visitor to Madrid has something to see in it and it will not be difficult to decide where to start the tour. Of course, it is interesting to see all its attractions.
The Prado Museum, founded by Maria Isabella – the wife of King Ferdinand VII, is one of the most interesting and famous places in the city. Nearby you can find three more famous museums in Madrid – Queen Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza. Here you can see the creations of the world’s most famous artists.

It is not recommended to pass by the Plaza Mayor Square, which is both a beautiful architectural and historical creation and the most lively and visited place in the city. Here, buildings in the Madrid Baroque style are adjacent to numerous restaurants and cafes.
Puerta del Sol square is the central point on the city map. From here you can leave at one of the oldest metro stations in Madrid. The monument “Bear and Strawberry Tree” is located here, which is considered a symbol of the city and, at the same time, perpetuates the memory of King Charles III.
On Sybeles Square you can see a fabulous fountain, along which the goddess Cybella races on lions and panthers on a chariot.

The beautiful Paseo del Prado Boulevard, built according to the type of Navona Square in Rome, in the middle of the boulevard you can see the unique Fountain of Apollo.
After the majestic and elegant Madrid, the route ends in the exotic and hot resort of Thailand, Pattaya.

Life is raging here. Guests can enjoy the warm sea with sandy beaches, nightclubs, discotheques, and restaurants. In order not to get lost in this wealth, a map of Pattaya with hotels in Russian will come to your aid, here you can easily find everything you need and not bother local residents with questions.

Here you can find any hotel according to your financial capabilities. After finding a place to live, you can go to the sights of the city. You can visit the “Underwater World” aquarium, the indescribably beautiful temple complex of Patriarch Somdet Phra Janosovong, as well as the Elephant Village or the Park of Stones, which are hundreds of thousands of years old.

Advantages of traveling by car

Of course, traveling is very good, and traveling by car is even better. And this statement is completely true, because this type of recreation has many more advantages. The most important of them is the ability to make a trip to the cities that interest you the most, stay in selected hotels, change the trip route at any time, and also stop only near the sights of interest and spend the necessary amount of time in them for viewing.

A trip to Vienna by car is a great opportunity to see a lot at once. In the capital of Austria, as in any city, unique sights, museums, and other objects of interest to tourists are located in different areas of the city, and traveling by public transport takes a lot of time. Many Vienna 3-star hotels have their own guarded parking lots, so there will be no problem – where to leave the car for the night or while visiting the theater.

Vienna is not only one of the most prosperous metropolises in the world and is considered the most beautiful European capital, but it is also a city of art connoisseurs: music here, as well as the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, have become a cult. Alleys, squares, cafes and many other objects are named after the great composer, up to dishes in luxurious restaurants. There is a huge number of art treasures in the capital of Austria. For example, the State Museum of Art has millions of engravings by Raphael, Da Vinci, Chagall and other famous artists, and the famous Belvedere is not far behind it in the number of priceless painting collections.

Of course, getting to Samui by personal transport will be somewhat problematic, but to visit the cultural, natural and historical attractions of the island, you can rent a car. For accommodation, it is best to book Samui 3-star hotels: this type of hotel offers rooms of different price categories and comfort quality, so there is an opportunity to rent a comfortable and very decent room for an affordable price.

A huge number of temples have been erected on the island, ranging from those known to the whole world to those unknown to anyone except local residents. There is a mini-reserve on Samui, an aquarium, a safari park, many water attractions, many Ruiza tours and excursions to the islands, clubs where you can go diving or snorkeling are offered. Visiting these and many attractions of one of the islands of Thailand is much more convenient with a rented car, which will allow you to selectively visit interesting places or make sightseeing tours of the island on your own.