Countries with the most delicious coffee

Countries with the most delicious coffee

In almost every corner of the world, people start their morning with an invigorating cup of coffee. Wonderful aroma, incredible taste with bitterness or refined sweet notes, adding spices. The taste and even the way of preparation of the drink differ depending on the region. Let’s consider which country has the best coffee and where you should go to satisfy your gastronomic tastes.

Top countries with the tastiest coffee

A cup of aromatic drink under the rays of the rising sun or in a cozy restaurant with a view of picturesque places. What could be better? Gourmets can go to one of the countries where the most delicious coffee in the world is grown. It is there that you can enjoy a truly delicious and natural drink.
Brazil She is a leader in growing and selling the drink. It is strong and quite bitter, it attracts attention with a pronounced taste. The Santos and Bahia varieties, which have a rich taste and nutty aroma, are very interesting.
Ethiopia. Trees with vibrant red beans have been cultivated for thousands of years. Traditionally, the harvest is dried in the sun and lightly fried. Therefore, the grains smell of berries or spices, have a special taste and aroma. The best varieties are Harrar and Yirgacheffe.
Indonesia. Civet animals process coffee here. They eat grains, which then leave their body unchanged. These beans are harvested, washed and dried to create the Kopi Luwak variety. It impresses with its taste characteristics and bright aroma.
Turkey. By right, the best coffee here. It is prepared in Turks on hot sand or an open fire. A piece of sugar is always offered before the treat. There are many types of drink here – from spicy and bitter to more gentle and neutral.

Kenya. The best African drink is prepared here, which has the aroma of black currants and optimal bitterness. Some varieties will please you with a well-defined taste of berries. Kenya AA and French Mission, which is similar to chocolate, are considered the best.
Cuba. The quality of coffee is strictly controlled here. Manufacturers divide grains by color, size, presence of defects. The best varieties are the invigorating Maragogype, Holguin and Guantanamo with a tobacco aroma. Gourmets will appreciate bitter Altura.
Peru. The peculiarity of Peruvian coffee is its environmental purity, which is controlled at the state level. The best grains grow in the Chanchamayo Valley, from which a drink of Arabica varieties is prepared. It is tasty, not bitter, but not very strong either.
Yemen. In this country, coffee is produced according to centuries-old traditions and technologies, and trees with precious grains grow on small plantations. Drink from Mattari and Sanani varieties is drunk without additives and sugar.

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