One day I realised that I am happier, more observant and less judgemental while travelling. I called it my traveller mindset. Since that day I have been attempting to look at everything in this whole new way, like a traveller would. No matter where my sun rises – in a hostel room, a hotel, a tent or at a place I call home, I make a humble attempt to look for the unknown – even in the known. And this is what I see.

The Traveller Mindset is a product of Sukrit’s pictures, Tintu’s words and their shared passion for finding stories. Other than sharing these stories with you, they also collaborate to:

  1. Create content for travel websites
  2. Design PhotoStory walls for your home and office
  3. And make art using text, pictures and pretty much whatever is handy

If you want them to create content for your business, or help turn a travel memory into a story for your walls, or simply collaborate on a cool project, please write into thetravellermindset@gmail.com or call +91 9930363154.