Rendezvous at Kaas

I walked past a purple flower last week; ignoring it in my pursuit of a sea of flowers in all possible colours. I was at the Kaas Plateau, about 25 kilometres from Satara in Maharashtra – a plateau which is bathed in flowers in the months of August and September every year and in October if you are wildly fortunate.


I saw no such view and then looked at the purple flower like I would at a consolation prize. And with little knowledge that this sight that I hadn’t planned on seeing bloomed only once every 8 years. If I wasn’t traveling with a friend who had done a story on the flower recently, I would have most definitely returned disappointed and oblivious to the quirk of nature that I had just witnessed.

Karvi, as the flower is called in the local language reminded me how important it is to notice and appreciate what is in front of me even if it is not something I set out to find. And to Karvi I owe the privilege of knowing just how wildly fortunate I truly am.

Snapshots from our afternoon on the plateau

Tiny yellow flowers which looked like mini sunflowers dotted the path into the expanse that is the plateau | Picture Credit: Ajay Menon
A lot of the plants had grey or white seeds -a sure sign that the flowers had given way a while back | Picture Credit: Ajay Menon
Although the temperature was high, the walk was still pleasurable owing to a beautifully cool breeze that travelled with us wherever we went | Picture Credit: Ajay Menon
The sight of the many mighty plateaus that we saw as we sat down to take a break. One couldn’t help but wonder what treasures lie hidden in these unexplored scenes | Picture Credit: Ajay Menon

How to get there
The Kaas plateau is a 6 to 7 hour drive from Mumbai (with breaks). The roads are mostly easy to drive on and scenic in patches. There are plenty of options on the way to stop for a snack or meal.

Booking a spot
To control the number of people visiting the plateau, tickets are sold online and in slots. You can visit for information and to book yourself a spot.

When to go
August and September are when the flowers are in full bloom. October is still good for a drive and spotting the Karvi 🙂

What to eat
There are no dining options on the plateau, so it is best to carry water and something to munch on. However, if you are into trying local food, look for the women near the entrance selling bhakri (rotis made of rice flour or ragi) served with locally made chutney of groundnuts, garlic and red chillies (very spicy) and kachreya (potatoes). Sitting on the ground, eating lovely home cooked food with our hands and then downing a couple of glasses of buttermilk is exactly what we needed to finish this trip and I highly recommend it.

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